Selected Coins and Tokens

Send and collect Bitcoin, Ethereum,
and most trusted Ethereum tokens.

Manage Bitcoin (BTC) assets with InBit Wallet


Manage Ethereum (ETH) assets with InBit Wallet


Manage Chainlink (LINK) ERC-20 token assets with InBit Wallet


Manage Uniswap (UNI) ERC-20 token assets with InBit Wallet


Manage Aave (AAVE) ERC-20 token assets with InBit Wallet


Manage Multi Collateral Dai (DAI) ERC-20 token assets with InBit Wallet


Manage (YFI) ERC-20 token assets with InBit Wallet


Secure Storage and Operations

Your Keys are Safe

All keys are protected with industry-standard encryption and securely handled exclusively on your mobile device without exposure to network.

Extra Security for User Account

Your actions get protected with 2-Factor Authentication keeping your assets safe even after losing access to your smartphone.

Adjustible Limits for Risk-Free Payments

Configurable single and daily transaction limits protect your assets from typing mistakes and malicious transfer attempts.

Crypto Bank InBit - Secure storage and risk-free operations

Banking Convenience Brought to Blockchain

Issue and track invoices with one-click payment option

Create payment and invoice templates to simplify daily routines — coming soon

Keep multiple Wallets in a single app to manage all your crypto assets from a single place

Track your portfolio forex price with a real-time dashboard

Mobile Crypto Wallet InBit - Portfolio Screen

Social and Integrated

Use Address Book to issue to payment orders and invoices even faster

Exchange account cards with one-click payment option — coming soon

Embed account widgets with one-click payment option into your website or e-commerce — coming soon

Provide secure shared access to your Wallets for colleagues or family — coming soon

Crypto Bank InBit - Integrated ecosystem for daily transactions

Our Team

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    Head of Product
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    QA Engineer
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How to start

Step 1

Download InBit app and create your first Wallet

Step 2

Receive coins in Test Mode to try out InBit features risk-free

Step 3

Switch to Main Mode and start securely exchanging real coins with friends